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This is where the it all begins. With a simple and very Free 30 Minute Assessment Call. 

This call is designed with You in mind. During our time together, I spend time getting to know YOU and your money issues and concerns.  

As I listen closely to you, we figure out which Financial Wholeness service are best suited for you, together!

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What others are saying!

I recommend this call to everyone!

Absolutely! Serene is very gifted & able to identify the areas that are out of alignment with God."  

That the shame & guilt I carried toward my debt was tied to the belief that my Dad was disappointed in me, which was a lie.

Heather H. 

Christen Inner Healing Coach!

I needed a Financial Breakthrough

 I did the Financial Breakthrough call because I needed one. (A Financial Breakthrough) I needed help to unearth what was keeping me from abundance.  

Marketing Rep

Financial Wholeness was a God Send!

  "Financial Wholeness was a God send at the right time in my life. I felt that the knowledge I gained about myself and attitude towards money catapulted me into another level. This is not budgeting 101 but understanding how God sees us in relationship with him and how we handle money is just an manifestation of how much we trust God to be in control to take care of us. Thank you Financial Wholeness for answering the call to healing those in financial distress whether they know it or not. - P. Ferguson-Washington"