You probably won’t admit this to yourself,

Your biggest issues with money isn't in your pockets, it's in your heart!

YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE IS A MESS or you wouldn't be peeking at this page!

Financially speaking ,you don't know whether you’re coming or going.

Feels like you have holes in your pockets. 

Feels like your money is being devoured  YET you pay  your tithes and offering!

You’re NOT seeing a  ROI ( Return on Investments) and you're definitely NOT  living in abundance!

And I dare SAY the guilt shame and condemnation anxiety  your feeling is because your not where you want to be financially. Or could it be, you believe you let God, yourself and everyone around you down. And these emotions is devouring you from the inside out!

Believe me I have been where you are right now!

So what’s the problem? What is the issue here or the big picture!

Could it be that the biggest issues you’re having with money starts  your heart?

Our experiences with money have shaped our Heart ( attitudes) about money!  And they AFFECT our thoughts about money. How we mishandle and misuse money.

Especially when you think " There is never enough or tell your children "We can't afford it"

Truth moment: Most of us won't’ admit even to ourselves that we feel like this when it comes to money

But God knows and He wants to do something about it.

He wants you healed whole and living a John 10:10 life!

That is what the 90 Minute Financial Breakthrough Power Call is all about!

Uncovering the why!

✔Find out WHY  your pockets have holes and money is being devoured!

✔ Tap into WHY your're spending $100  at TARGET when you were suppose to spend $10!

✔Discover WHY  you can't seem to break- through your thoughts of never enough or I can't afford it!

✔ Uncover the  root issues of WHY you are feeling the weight of Guilt & Shame over your finances!

✔Discover WHY you aren't walking in abundance and overflow in your finances.


90 Minute Financial Breakthrough Power CAll


What will the call do your financial life!


The 90- Minute Financial Breakthrough Power call isn't just another financial service call!

It reconnects your soul. From your heart all the way to your wallet! (they are all connected) 3 John 2!

❤Start Developing  kingdom attitudes  & mindset when it comes to money. (Learn how to stop using retail therapy as your drug of choice to deal with financial stress)

❤Learn you can  love & trust  God with all your heart & have money as too!

❤Heal  from poverty brokenness & lack.  ( attitudes thoughts and decisions)

❤Remove the roadblocks and finally walking in supernatural increase and daily overflow! (live in John 10:10  everyday of your life)

Client Testimonals


I hit areas I didn't know of. 

Holy Spirit had me all they way back in my childhood!  

Lillian H.

Strongholds Broken

 Yes, with those calls STRONGHOLDS WERE BROKEN 

Healing in the Soul

 "The shame & guilt I carried about my debt was tied to the belief that my Dad was disappointed in me, which was a lie."

Heather H. 


Say Yes to the New!

90 Minute Financial Breakthrough Power Call

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. How does the call work?

A. Each 90 min call is broken up into two 45 minutes sessions about 1 week apart.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A,  It varies for each individual. 

Q. When will the call start?

A. Once the fee is finalized and payment made. You will able to start your session(s).

Q. What if I day  or time I want isn't available.

A. Either call or email me  and arrangements can be made. 

Q. Do I accept payment plans.

A. Yes arrangement can be made.

Q. Is the  fee for the call non refundable.

A. No it is not. Once payment is made it's non refundable.

Q. Can I gift a call to someone!

A. Yes you can!