Proverbs 16:9  A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.


I’m Serene a forty-something-year-old, woman who's chosen to live her best life through faith!  I'm a Jersey native that made California a place I call home, but home is where the heart is, and my heart rests in God's Love.   

As a mother of 5 children ages 26 to 10 and 1 grandson some say I'm pretty wise and extremely patient. 

The truth is my life has been filled with the unexpected and unintended, from growing up in a cycle of poverty I vowed to never make the same financial mistakes I'd seen from my parents. I thought if I keep the lights on and food on the table that was good enough, not recognizing I had adopted a poverty mindset.


My Financial Wholeness Story

Poverty Mindset: A belief that there will never be enough, mentally living with lack;


I planned to go to school to be an accountant, which would make sense considering how passionate I am about finances. But nope I'm your neighborhood dental assistant, saving your gums from gingivitis day after day! It took me a while to recognize how God positioned me in a place where people are in severe pain and in need of immediate assistance. 

He has a way to make you adjust your perspective and practice your purpose in your current environment, and that's exactly what I've done. Helping people in pain get out and make it affordable for them by explaining how their insurance works, is life changing….. no, really it causes them to smile perfectly!

From my own personal struggle of living paycheck to paycheck, living in shelters and unhealthy relationships. My life's experiences have given me a sense of empathy for patients and my future wholeness partners! I believe my testimony will not only inspire you but my truth will empower you to knock down any barrier keeping you away from  God's splendor.


Future Generations

Creating a lasting legacy

When we know better we do better!

With my large family,  finances play a big part in my parenting style!  Since I have children in different age ranges each conversation is different. But all my children have been taught that money is a tool and as I learn how to use that tool effectively I teach it to them. 

For example, my oldest children who are adults, I showed them their heart connection to money. Not to spend emotionally not just being sad or mad but out of fear. Fear of lack or not having enough. To count the cost for tomorrow as well as today. To take care of their name for their name will be all they have, their name is credit and without it, they can find themselves in desperate situations.

My teenagers, who are just learning to have their own money, I am teaching them money is a tool for making more money i.e. investing in stock but not letting that be in control of you who you are in God and where you are destined to be.  Don’t let that rule your heart let God rule your heart.

For my youngest who gets money from small things that she does. I am teaching her to respect money for the tool it is. She is my blank canvas, per se. She still actually listens to me. I am showing her how money is earned and received spent saved but her real provision comes from God. He provides for all of us and he can trust his provision.


More About Me!

Welcome to my world!


Like I said before I am a mother to 5 and Nana to one beautiful grandson. 

In my spare time when I am not out saving someone financial future. I love reading, writing, listening to music, hiking, traveling, learning new things to cook and eat. Yes, I am foodie!! 

I am the best selling co-author of the “20 Beautiful Women; Volume 4” so I now can add writing to this list!

The thing I LOVE most is  spending time with my family. Playing a heated game of UNO or just sitting around cracking jokes! ( I just love to laugh)!!!

I just want to welcome to the family! THE  FINANCIAL WHOLENESS FAMILY!!!